About us

The group’s foundations can be traced back to 1986 when founder Dan Daniels started two businesses: Integrated Sharps Disposal Systems Pty Ltd (“ISDS”), which manufactured and serviced reusable sharps containers and Medical Safe Technology Australia Pty Ltd (“MSTA”), which operated a medical waste treatment plant.

The two businesses had expanded throughout much of Australia with its reusable sharps containers and by 1996 was the country’s largest provider of sharps and medical waste treatment services. In that year the companies expanded operations into New Zealand and in 1997 ISDS and MSTA were combined into one company which was renamed “The Daniels Corporation”.

A challenging project

Daniels canvassed hospital staff worldwide to come up with an affordable system that met all the needs of healthcare workers. Hospital staff responded by setting a hard task; asking for an ‘intelligent’ system that had inbuilt passive safety, prevented overfilling and stopped children getting their hands in. Staff also wanted a system that could manage large, bulky sharps and that was leak-proof, puncture-proof and tamper-proof once closed.

Environmental concerns

Because of concern for the environment, Daniels had already been using reusable sharps containers for several years and this experience now became invaluable because a system that incorporated all of the tough requirements demanded by healthcare workers would require components too expensive to be simply used once and then destroyed. However, hospitals and regulatory authorities also insisted that a reusable system required processing by a fully-automatic, robotic washer-sanitizer.

A successful and effective result

After 5 years of research, development and trials the Sharpsmart system had been refined so that it not only met all of the requirements demanded by healthcare workers, but also significantly reduced sharps injuries. In 2003, results from the largest international study of sharps containment systems was published in the British Journal of Hospital Infection, showing that the Sharpsmart system achieved an average 33% reduction in total sharps injuries in hospitals where it had been introduced.

International success

The Sharpsmart system is now used in several thousand healthcare facilities in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, South Africa and New Zealand. The system commands a significant market share in all the markets in which it operates and within Australia it is the market leader in sharps containment. It is estimated to be the most widely used reusable sharps containment system in the world and is arguably the world’s safest and most environmentally-responsible sharps management system.