Daniels global activities

Daniels global office is based in Melbourne, Australia, and the company provides services to the healthcare industry through a worldwide group of companies and associates.

...they are professional, responsive and give our patients, staff, visitors the care and respect they deserve.
Joseph M. Rizzo
Lancaster Regional Medical Center, USA, Director, Environmental Services
Since its first international expansion in 1997 Daniels global growth has been rapid, due mainly to the enthusiastic response of healthcare workers and organisations to the unique Sharpsmart reusable sharps containment system.

Input and feedback from healthcare staff worldwide have been critical in enabling Daniels to develop products and services that deliver the safety and efficiency benefits that today's heathcare industry demands.

Environmental concerns

Daniels' original business model was built on a concern about the potential environmental damage resulting from the widespread practice of burning medical waste, including disposable sharps containers, in inefficient hospital incinerators. This concern led to the company's development of reusable sharps containers systems and alternative waste treatment methods except in cases of hazardous materials that are most effectively treated by incineration.

International success

The company now provides products and services to thousands of healthcare facilities around the world and has businesses and partnerships in:

Key products and services

Daniels' focus is on providing safety and efficiency to the healthcare industry. The mix of products and services provided varies from country to country and includes:

  • Safer sharps management
  • Effective medical waste treatment
  • Secure pharmaceutical and cytotoxic waste destruction
  • Efficient logistics systems
  • Thorough auditing services

More information can be obtained via various pages and links to Daniels products, services and operations in other countries. Alternatively, please click here to email us about any matter.

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