Reducing carbon emissions

As governments and individuals around the world become increasingly concerned about the potential impact of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), on global warming and climate change, Daniels has increased its efforts to ensure that its products help customers act responsibly as they work towards reducing carbon emissions.

In initial research conducted by Daniels, in collaboration with the Waterman Group, a leading environmental consultancy organisation in the UK, has confirmed the Sharpsmart system of reusable sharps containers provides a significant reduction in carbon emissions when compared with single-use container systems.

Daniels will continue research in this area so healthcare facilities using the Sharpsmart system can be assured they are playing their part in looking after our planet's health!


Why reusable sharps containers are better for the environment brochureDouble-sided brochure outlining why reusable sharps containers are better for the environment than single-use containers or containers made from recycled materials.
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86% CO2 Emissions Reduction study - Infection Prevention Society (UK) 2010.pdfLife Cycle Assessment study of reusable and single-use sharps containers presented at Infection Prevention Society Conference (UK) 2010, showing 86% reduction of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions through use of Sharpsmart Reusable Safety Device.
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Sharpsmart Reusable Container System

Safe and environmentally responsible sharps management.

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