Daniels is involved in conducting research and producing support materials to help healthcare workers in their efforts to reduce sharps injuries.

If you would like to contribute to Daniels' sharps management research or if you'd like to obtain copies of any of the resources listed in this section, please contact us for further information.

Available resources broadly fall under the following categories:

Studies and Articles relevant to the Sharpsmart reusable sharps containment system.

Posters to help healthcare staff understand how to use the Sharpsmart system correctly and to raise awareness of safe sharps management.

Brochures and catalogues of Daniels' products and services.

Videos relating to Daniels products and the Sharpsmart system.



Click Here to view our waste specification document.



Our fuel charges are determined using the Australian Institute of Petroleum's (AIP) 'Average Weekly Diesel Fuel Prices' - click here to view.  The AIP's website is used to reference prices for any given month so as to recover costs according to the 'Fuel Levy Percentage Matrix'. This table identifies the Fuel Levy corresponding to movements in the National Fuel Price.

The fuel levy percentage is applied according to the distance that our trucks must travel to service customers:

Zone 1: Shortest distance travelled to service.
Zone 2: Significant distances travelled to service.
Zone 3: Large distances travelled to service.


What is a Fuel Levy?

A Fuel Levy is a charge for the fuel costs which have been incurred by Daniels Health in order to service customers. These charges are passed on to our customers each month and appear on invoices.

How is the Fuel Levy calculated?

We take the National average of prices by referring tothe Australian Institute of Petroleum's (AIP) web site which publishes the 'Average Weekly Diesel Fuel Prices'. Their calculations are based on price information supplied by the largest fuel retailers.  

Our pricing is based on the published price per litre for a month and is shown on your invoice.  We can refer you to the AIP’s web page

My local price of diesel is lower than what you have stated - why is this?

Fuel prices can vary amongst retailers which is why we refer to the most reliable source; the Australian Institute of Petroleum. We use their National average taken from their 'Average Weekly Diesel Fuel Prices' calculations which are based on price information supplied by the largest fuel retailers nation-wide.  

What happens when the diesel fuel price drops?

Rather than a fixed fee, the process that Daniels Health has introduced means that the fuel levy will drop as the fuel price drops.



  • Click here to download Pollution Monitoring Data. To arrange a printed copy please contact our office. 
  • Click here to download our Pollution Incident Response Plan
  • Site office phone number: 02 9748 4552